I can’t create my account

When I try to create an account it’s required personal details first then i try to type my date of birth it’s something wired like ggggggg
Please refer the screenshot

Are your phone locale/language settings in English/UK? I’d suggest setting them to that for the sign-up process.


Hi. Welcome.

Are you using an English keyboard? No translation app or anything in the way?


Tagging you incase its an app error, caused by an update? :eyes:

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All the other times it’s been language related.

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Looks like an English keyboard layout to me

Could also be that the phone is set to use a non-Gregorian calendar in Settings > General > Language & Region > Calendar, given that I think it’s asking for an Era (the GGGGG pattern).

Everyone should brush up on their Date Format Patterns.


Or Locale on the phone - but yea, one or the other. 100%. Not app update related.

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Thank you so much :blush:
It’s working


We have enough with American’s putting the date the wrong way around!