I actually bank with Uaccount

Hi All I actually bank with Uaccount by any chance are yous partnership just I made a transfer from my U account to my friends Halifax account this was 29th June 20.20pm and my friend is still yet to receive the money

You’ll need to contact U Account. This is Monzo. No one can help you here.

Check out https://www.uaccount.uk/u-payments?payments-tabs=payments-made


But looking at the pricing page on Uaccount , you should definitely have a look at Monzo’s offering.


Yep. I’d never heard of them but certainly I’d be moving to Monzo…


@kolok I don’t have photo ID

£34 for a provisional driving license. Might be worth it even if you don’t intend to learn to drive? I believe provisional license would be accepted by Monzo, can anyone confirm? You’d soon save that on fees. (2 edits because I have blunt fingers and can’t type)


A provisional license is fine for monzo,

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Provisional license is fine as long as it’s the photo ID type.

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Great advice here.

A provisional might seem expensive, but totally worth it. Uaccount is sooo expensive for almost everything

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Oh look, another bank that charges for cash deposits through Paypoint :eyes:


@Ordog I know they are different companies but both WDCS prepaid mastercard if I’m correct. Just this has never happened to me before so I haven’t got a clue what happens from now and the customer service isnt that good where I am

Monzo are not a pre-paid card. They’re a fully fledged bank :slight_smile:

I think you’ll struggle to get support for a different bank on here but you never know! :crossed_fingers:


All the relevant info on complaints is set out here


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They used to offer prepaid cards, but this is no longer the case as they are now a fully-fledged bank. They’ve shut down their prepaid offering as of April 2018.

Wow the pricing of that!!:grimacing:

The thread title sounds a bit like a confession :joy:


Unfortunately, this is what some people are pushed towards when they struggle to get a decent account elsewhere.