3 contract and monzo problem

Just before the lockdown I went into a three store to get a contract. They said that my monzo card was no good for Id verification and asked me to go to metro bank and get a card the same day and get back to them to open a contract… Surely this is not right…

It’s up to 3 what they choose to use. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve not known of a business accept a bank card for ID as it doesn’t include your address or anything :confused:

Just show them your drivers licence or something instead.

They have to deduct a penny or something from bank to Confirm my Id at the store

Ahh ok, so it’s a bank acceptance issue then. Probably a case of the specific staff member you’ve dealt with making assumptions believing Monzo to still be a prepaid card and not even trying it.

Either point out that Monzo is a fully regulated bank now and suggest they they try it anyway or email acceptance@monzo.com who should be able to help :slight_smile:


They’ve probably got a mate at the Metro bank who gets commission on new sign ups!


So are you trying to say I gave up my lloyds and moved over to monzo for nothing?

What you’re saying doesn’t really make sense.

They can’t use Monzo for ID but they take 1p to confirm your ID and they’d be find doing that with a different bank card that will still only have your name on it?

They don’t accept monzo for Id verification purposes or it will fail was the answer

I doubt you moved to Monzo for the purposes of 3 ID verification so, No, I’m not saying that.

I imagine it’s something to do with the credit reference agencies they use.

Seems like a dodgy salesman, I have a family member who used Monzo to sign up for 3, Monzo card worked fine for verification. I know its different chains entirely but I’ve used my Monzo card for the same purpose with a few different retailers.

I’d ask them to try again, if not I’d try a different 3 store if you can


No I don’t have a driving licence and I am not carrying my passport all day with me
Either way they need to charge a penny and put back in my account anyway

Just try another store or insist they try it :man_shrugging:

For what it’s worth I made a three contract at the back end of last year and they had no problems with the bank I was using.

It does sound like it is the salesman who is misinformed, and not a problem with Monzo.

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Also used my Monzo card to set up contract with Three - no problems.


I believe instore they have an issue with the authorisation code the 1p or £1 generates.

From what I have understood from previous topics on this. Monzo generates an auth code with letters in it, whereas Three’s system instore only accepts numbers for the auth code so it fails

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We fixed this a long time ago for Three and tried to reach out to them but couldn’t find anyone willing to talk to us about it.

Anyone still experiencing this should let our merchant acceptance team know (email address above!).


It may just be that the staff member has experience of it not working previously and is saying it won’t work rather than trying it as the issue was resolved some time ago. I personally had this issue a long time ago.

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Sounds like they are getting a kick back from Metro bank.

ID-wise there will be no difference between literally any bank card…they are all rubbish forms of ID.

They do that? usually when i’ve got a contract in store or needed a replacement SIM they wanted a photo ID. interesting they started charging you 1p to confirm it’s you