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Now you are a fully fledged bank congratulations by the way will you be changing the beta card and when? I going away soon and would like to use my monzo card rather then carry large amounts of money around thanks

The process will take months so don’t expect an account/debit card until late summer or early autumn


I also agree with this - I’m so pleased you got your licence, yay, but I find the prepaid debit card so useful? I’m worried this option is going to disappear?

Unfortunately the prepaid card will be coming to an end. No details on when, but it will happen.

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It’s not going to affect any features though so there’s no need to feel like a good thing is coming to an end :persevere: it’s only going to get better and better!

All it is is reissuing cards with a name, allocating a sort code/acct number and launching expected features like payment schemes and direct debits, while removing ‘top ups’ as you can get your salary paid in or do a faster payment like any other full bank account.

With Revolut they literally just sent a notification saying “now all accounts are current accounts, for your sort code and account number check in your settings” :grinning: i think monzo are working on something more professional and at least what you would expect from a ‘proper’ bank account to start with.


As far as I can tell, the Revolut ‘account’ is still just a pointer to their pooled account, you still don’t have the protections that a proper bank account has.

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Correct. Revolut has an emoney licence and is not covered by FCSC or other equivalent EU deposit protection schemes.

Monzo has a full banking licence and the planned current accounts will be covered by the FCSC protection scheme


I agree, I think having a prepaid option would be great. However I think Monzo are taking the hit in fees themselves at the moment in relation to the prepaid card. I can use my Monzo card in a fee charging ATM and while I am warned I will be charged, Monzo doesn’t charge me when if I used a debit card I would. Most other official prepaid cards charge fees to use any ATM. Simply having debit cards will save Monzo money.

Just wondering will the new monzo cards be a VISA card instead of a MC one?

It will be a MasterCard Debit card

Just being curious why…? Because it’s rare to see a MasterCard debit card in UK banks.

MasterCard it will be. Here’s a couple of links/quotes for you.


MasterCard Debit is a great brand, but recently I noticed there might be some problems using it abroad. I realised that some retailers in countries like Germany and Netherlands only accept debit cards, and they would only accept Maestro and Visa debit. However MasterCard Debit would be automatically recognised by POS as a credit card, so the transaction will then be declined.

Some in Germany, Denmark and Netherlands seem to accept local debit cards but not foreign ones (which the machine can identify from the 6 digit BIN at the front of the card number) and this is down to the extra transaction charges for non domestic cards.

The problem is not MC specific and indeed I have had 2 UK Visa cards rejected by a shop only to have a local Visa card accepted.

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Just off the top of my head there are a lot of banks in the UK who have either always used or have recently switched over to MasterCard Debit cards including Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, Danske Bank (formerly Northern Bank), Fidor, Metro Bank, Handelsbanken, Bank of Ireland, etc., and various building societies and credit unions.

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