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Yep I’ve signed up for monzo current account but because of the hassle with ID because I’ve never driven or gone abroad and now revolut seem to be going to a bank that was the push to make me want to jump on before they close their prepay programme where I would be treated as an existing customer when they convert everyone

Revolut Feedback

They still will need to verify ID when they switch everyone over. Even though we had Monzo prepay (and even if we had already shown our ID) we had to show our ID at that point. Revolut will have to comply with banking regulations and AML and KYC requirements will have to be complied with if they wish to hold and retain a banking license.

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I just feel that your in a better position as an existing customer. My experience of Starling was brief to say the least after asking for passport or driving license they tricked me into confirming who I was promptly barring me from ever applying again which made me wary of applying to atom who confirmed they wouldn’t let me join either so as a new customer 2 other banks did not want to know. It matters not as I am now a monzo current account customer but I would be curious to know if monzo let new customers join without a passport of driver license photo. If so I’m right in joining revolut

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Another thing it’s not right legally of starling to insist on passport or drive license ID without providing another way of joining for UK customers whove never done either. I’m sure this will be tested in court in due course and then they’ll have to provide another way in.

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We had this discussion on Sunday about photo ID for monzo. They’re allowed to do it. That’s all i’m saying, don’t want to revisit the trauma that caused…



I’d LOVE for someone to actually sue Monzo/Starling/Whomever for this, so that we can finally get this discussion over with and show once and for all that this is just not true. I imagine the case will be over after a 5 minute hearing …


New user… same BS about ID? hmmmm

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They might be allowed to do it but is it right. Any suit that comes into court would come under the ‘wrong in law’ then anything goes. It’s a moot point anyway as monzo have been very sympathetic to my situation. I am only joining revolut because I’m hoping they’ll be sympathetic too.


Unfortunately, the law (as practiced in the courts) doesn’t generally concern itself with what’s right, it concerns itself with what follows the statute.

You only have to look at some of the patently absurd rulings from the courts to see this.


I’m intrigued @dawntrespass. Why don’t you have photo ID? A provsional licence is £43 for 10 years.

Not trying to have a go, just genuinely wondering what the barrier is.

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In fairness £43 is a lot of money to some people. Took me ages to have that much spare to get mine

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It is but doing automated identity verification without using a photo ID is also challenging..

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Totally agree and photo ID is completely the best and only reliable option of all available

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it is cost mainly. Now Ive upgraded there are certain things I cant do with a non photo id current account. is zero for example I would have liked a lower limit than just be thrown to the dogs. I suspect overdrafts might be out too which would make it hard to leave my legacy account. I don’t know anyone in the professions which makes it hard to certify the picture that would be another cost on top for the doctor to do it more like 60.


Most doctors charge an arm and a leg for countersigning passport applications.

I used to find religious leaders, priests and ministers, often did it free or for a small contribution to their church, otherwise if you knew someone who ran their own company as company directors could do it too.

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the farce of it is that on the Govt website it states

"To certify documents, ask a professional person or someone well-respected in your community (‘of good standing’) like a:

bank or building society official
minister of religion
chartered accountant
solicitor or notary
teacher or lecturer"

" Check with the organisation that needs the certified copy - they may have specific rules for who can certify a document."

the Govt makes the rules :slight_smile: be clear on what the rules are don’t leave it up to organisations


They say to check, because even different Government agencies/departments/ministries have differing rules, and in some cases the same agency/dept/ministry can have different rules for different forms :frowning:

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yes I got that “of good standing” - reminds me of John Cleese and the two Ronnies sketch - I look up to him but I look down on him

what class are you ? :slight_smile: …what a load of rubbish this “test” is :slight_smile:

edit - sorry Ive taken this off subject :slight_smile:


I beg to differ!

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Apparently I’m precariat, the poorest and most deprived.

Happy Tuesday to you as well…