Need full license Monzo

OK guys, guys. This is a vent and a cry for help in one.

Whilst waiting for the full license on Monzo, switched from Santander to Natwest, looking to escape at least SOME of the awfulness. Every step of the way something had gone awfully wrong.

I have spent a month trying to open an account, and now that I did, all money disappeared from it!!!

Last available transaction listed is 4 (!!!) days old, and i have no idea where the money had been going since.
After spending 10 minutes trying t find a “chat to us” button, I am now going through the most painful login/ security clearance process imaginable.

So I BEG you, Monzo.

Please get full license soon.

Sincerely yours,
NatWest customer


As Tom has mentioned he’s also a Natwest customer, I think he feels your pain and maybe part of the reason they’re already making such a big push towards launching that all important fully featured current account. I also escaped the horror of Santander years ago and haven’t looked back since.

I may be wrong, but I think that its in the regulations to take approximately 6 months from being granted the restricted license to gain the full license. Having be granted the restricted license in August, I would estimate around about February/March. This is backed up by a recent post from Jonas

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By the way, how are the advances in cryogenic research? Can we already freeze people yet?

Because that’s too long :smiley:

Can not wait. It’s true that you only learn by comparison, and Monzo gave me a glimpse of what banking should look like- as soon as you have Direct Debit and payments available, I won’t look back

My most recent Santander horror story was being surcharged £1.25 for a €0.30 cent coffee purchase - that will teach me to pull the wrong card out of my wallet and do contactless without looking!


Similar experience with Halifax for mid-air flight coffee, only that £2.51 charge took me over my agreed limit and they added on an extra £12 over-limit fee. One very expensive cup of sub-par coffee! I got the fee reversed thankfully.

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