Huawei P Smart or Samsung 'J' Series

Got an SE and considering switching to Android in a few months.
Which is best then, Samsung or Huawei ?

Use my phone for, email, whatsapp, googling and monzo mainly.
Have a £200 max budget

Must have fingerprint recognition


I recently switched from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to a Huawei P20. Only reason why was due to a smashed screen but I fancied a change so I upgraded.

Having used both I cannot really fault either one of them. I’m similar to you and use my phone for basic tasks so I’d just choose whichever one is cheapest since in my opinion, they are both solid makes of phone.

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Similar boat to you. I am thinking of going for the Motorola Moto M6.

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Samsung j6 is a really good phone

I would imagine you’re only £100 away from a OnePlus 5T - might be worth saving a little longer?

Yeah just splash a little extra cash and get yourself a OnePlus. You’ll have zero regrets.

From my experience, in that price range the Huawei’s perform better.


G7 is out soon :+1:

Out of my budget range

Want a new phone, looking at spending £200 max. Needs to be Android (despite now having pics on Pots, I can’t stand iOS)

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How can a new phone be so cheap? Usually over £250 brackets aren’t they?

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There are 3 Motos this year.
The Version above is the middle spec phone. There is a high end version which is 240£.

It runs Android 9.0, so I’d go for that one.

The cheapest one is £149.

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Never used a J6 but the P Smart is a great phone for around £100. It doesn’t have any nasty surprises that you might be fearful of when trading “down” from an iPhone to an ultra cheap Android alternative.

After recently “downgrading”, my other half says it is better than her old Samsung S6, which cost her many times the price of the P Smart a few years ago.

I think that will be my next phone as well. Gone are the days of paying hefty monthly bills for two years for a piece of plastic that fits in your hand… now you can buy a decent phone with a few months’ worth of Monzo round ups.


I know.
My SE is a 24month contract and it’s taking ages lol.

There’s no point me getting an Huawei at the moment as my current contract expires this christmas so there’d be no use paying each month for a phone that i don’t have.

Don’t get me wrong, the SE is probably the best phone i’ve ever had however the screen is way too small.

The info states that there isn’t any NFC reader. No Google pay I assume?

Ah yes that could be a snagging point for trading down. Neither of us has ever used or had any desire to use nfc payments so didn’t affect us, but can see why it might be a problem for those already using it.

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Nokia 7.1 has overtaken Moto as the best budget-mid ranger by the looks of things.

Picked mine up for £180, but cheaper now elsewhere.

PLUS ANDROID ONE :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Have you looked at Xiaomi?
They have a UK store now and as they cap their profit at 5% they are the cheapest high end phones you can get.
I have an A2 Lite no NFC but I got it for £145 brand new, it runs stock android no launcher or other bloat.
Well worth a look.

Just checked this out, looks a good option. Checking the specs on JL, it claims it has NFC capabilities - Google pay etc - is this true? JL claims everything has NFC, so I always check.

Nokia has had NFC as standard on their mid rangers and up for around 4 years. RIP Windows Phone!