Motorola Mobiles

What do people think of the Motorola mobile phones


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Cant see what u put up

Have a motorola phone

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These days there are better options than motorola IMHO

I had a clamshell Motorola phone back in the day. Worked fine.

Im looking to buy a motorola smartphone just not sure as i got a samsung a6 2018 at the moment

Apple price hikes have put me off getting another one. Just found Honor 10 Lite for £189 - much more like it! Not looking forward to finding all the Android equivalent apps. though, but hey for a saving of £500+ … what’s not to like? R-


Android updates are slow to be released… Otherwise I rather like my g6 play.

I’ll probably buy another Motorola or a Xiaomi phone (I quite like the Westfield store) when I need one next though as they look pretty good.

I run a Moto G4, and my work phone is a Moto G5.

Benefits include Stock android (the only option for me), fantastic value and absolutely bombproof.

I mean, the case is nearly destroyed from dropping it a million times but no structural or glass damage.

The only alternatives I’d take over a Moto are Wileyfox or Nokia.

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I’ve been buying Motorola One’s for the company I work for and the employees seem to be really happy with them so I would definitely recommend those.

I’ve been strongly tempted by one of these. My phone’s old now and the abuse I give it on the daily has taken its toll. I’d rather the Nokia 6.1 Plus but they’re being slow to release so may have to get the Moto One. I’ve heard bad reviews about security updates though. My G4 is still on July 18 and G5 October 18. Granted they’re older devices but this is a bit worrying.

Updates are slow on the Motorola phones but the Android One version should be quicker and the Moto One is already on Android 9 (Pie).

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Good news, and that was my initial thought regarding Android One. I’m basing this off one review only who said his was 2 months out of date. I need to read into it more.

Have a look at the Android One website, a list of phones and features on there:

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Motorola were one of the best phone manufacturers just a few years ago, when Google briefly owned them and released the Moto X, Moto G, etc. I had the Nexus 6, which was manufactured by Motorola and was a fantastic device that was ahead of it’s time.

They’ve gone downhill slightly since then, since Lenovo bought them, and a only a handful of their products are worth bothering with. As mentioned above, anything running Android One is a plus.