Best Budget Smartphone 2019 - Moto G7

So The Verge have given their stamp of approval to the Moto G7 and after having a quick look at the UK pricing (£220 on Amazon UK) I’d have to agree. Stock Android, solidly on the higher side of midrange spec wise, stock Android, and a decent display and what looks like solid build quality.

If anyone’s in the market for a new phone and doesn’t fancy dropping £500+ then I’d give this one a serious look.


I personally believe the Motorola One range is a better prospect than the G series. The G series takes forever to get any updates and very seldom get major updates to the next OS.

With the Android one phones, at least they will get some solid support for 3 years after the release of the phone. I just don’t think you get the same guarantees with the G phones.

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Yep, that’s a good shout. There doesn’t appear to be a huge difference spec or price wise either between the G7 and the One Vision.

The zoom is even better priced. It has more emphasis on video, rather than photos.

There have been some complaints about the screen ratio however. It is an odd decision to go with screens like these.

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I have the G6 Plus the day it came out, still using it and its every bit as good when it I bought it, so much so I might just wait until the G8 Plus before upgrading.

The ONLY annoying thing is Outlook/LinkedIn/FM radio apps re-enable each time there’s a software update.

I had the Nexus 6 (2015-2018) before it and the battery on that had gone pretty shit only lasting 4hrs.

G6 Plus lasts a day and half still, and the turbo charge with USB-C is still ace.


I might have shared this story before but years ago, I had to send a Nexus for repair. Might have been the Nexus 5.

I bought the original Moto G, which hadn’t long been out, to tide me over for a couple of weeks while the Nexus was being repaired.

When I got the Nexus back, I listed the Moto G on eBay for a week and put it my desk drawer.

A week later, when it had sold, I pulled it out of the drawer… and it was still turned on. An entire week later. I was like… what kind of sorcery is this :thinking: