Buying a budget mobile

Huawei P smart 2019 or Samsung a20e?

Just after a budget phone will never spend above 150 on a mobile what’s people’s thoughts on which one?

I don’t have any advice either way with this. But for that amount of money I’d advise buying second hand, paying by credit card, and buying online from a commercial supplier (CEX for example).

Second hand for value, credit card for S75 protection, and online so it can be returned with no drama

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Good response… Thank you

Motorola G7/8, Redmi Note 7, realme 5 pro I personally am a fan of Oneplus phones, but for £150 you could be looking at a OnePlus 5/6 although still a great phone, I would probably buy one of the newer budget phones. Personally I would stay away from Huawei generally and Samsung for the budget phones value.

I’m still on my Moto G6 Plus but I would say go for the Moto G7 Power (£140 new). Much better battery and you don’t have to deal with EMUI or One UI, as its nice and stock Android Pie.

Heres the compare:

Might be cheaper elsewhere but a two second google:

I know it breaks the £150 and don’t know how genuine tecobuy is :thinking: but should normally be about £200+ for the newish Moto G8 Plus.

Here’s the compare with the Power. So less battery but better overall specs.

Snapdragon 632 + Adreno 506 :fist_right: vs :fist_left: Snapdragon 665 + Adreno 610

i would get the samsung a20e my dads got it and its a really good phone for the price

I’ll second what @gavin29 says - the Samsung Galaxy A20e is what I bought my dad for his 60th birthday and he loves it… It’s smart, easy to use and got enough clout for a budget phone so I’d go for it! :blush:

There is the Pixel 3a, though I’d wait as the 4a will be released soon

Cheers gaffa…

For solidly mid-range right now you really can’t do better than the Pixel 3A, which is now down to £299 on the Google Store. That’s a real bargain, but do be aware the price drop is because the Pixel 4A is likely only a couple of months away from release.