Huawei has google licence pulled


Next up is OnePlus, right?


Watching this with a lot of interest. Huawei have been a big contributor to Android over the years.
I’d imagine we’re going to see them come out of this with their own OS, probably still based on the Open source Android, relatively soon.

The loss of the Google Play store will be the big issue for them I’d imagine but with enough incentives and quite a good captive market of those already with one of their devices if they were to launch a credible enough alternative with some interesting exclusives then the future could be interesting to see, especially if they pushed other tech companies in the region to start using it too.

All of a sudden those who want cheap, well performing, phones are using a new OS and getting exclusive games etc and then people are going to want to see it on Flagship devices too.


This seems like a real shame, Huawei make excellent devices and more fragmentation of Android is not good for the ecosystem at large.

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I should clarify that I’m not joking about OnePlus. If the USA’s arbitrary war on Chinese technology keeps going, they’ll probably be next, unless Trump has invested in them of course :rofl: :neutral_face:

Huawei have already gone on record a few months back saying they’ve been developing their own OS (presumably based off AOSP) if shit hits the fan, which it now clearly has done. [source]

It’s worth noting that this isn’t something Google have chosen, it’s the US government.

The power to use American companies in this way really is quite scary. To me, just as scary as the possible link between Huawei and the Chinese government for spying.