Huawei P20 phoning home?

Just seen this:

I’m not surprised to say the least,
Now there is this fuss about using Chinese equipment for 5G signal , but I’m pretty sure at least EE uses huawei hardware for 4G masts already.

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There’s a reason why GCHQ are warning against Huawei and it’s not because Apple and Samsung are paying them to do so (despite what the likes of Joe Rogan says)

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Somewhat Ironic!

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Might be… but at least you kinda expect that from a Government… not a mobile manufacturer…

Huawei are not a mobile manufacturer - they are an arm of the chinese government!

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As are most of the big Chinese companies.

I guess the point I was trying to make, it’s usual for Governments to monitor traffic coming in/out of a country, not the communications/data of everyone (unless you’re google :wink: )

Yep, most Chinese companies are directly or indirectly controlled by the state. When the chips in iphones are manufactured on mainland China rather than Taiwan, we’ll all be under constant surveillance rather than just the Android peeps :wink: