HSBC/first direct down?

Hello guys!
Something wrong with HSBC and first direct? I’m unable to access my money online…


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Thanks! Big bank - big problems… will close my HSBC account next week…

Everyone’s at it.

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For me at least, it wouldn’t be as big of a problem if they just said what was going on and or when it may be fixed…

Always worth having that second account as a backup though.
Sometimes things do go wrong and it makes sense to have a second account, maybe Monzo goes down or the MasterCard network fails but you can still use your HSBC Visa. Also HSBC support cheque imaging :wink:

I always keep a tenner in mine just in case.

You may have another account somewhere else though, in which case everything I’ve said doesn’t matter.

All banks have problems, admittedly RBS Group are the worst :rofl:

If that’s your reason for closing then I hope you don’t have to suffer a protracted Monzo outage (yep they happen) or you will be off again.

Yes. But I moved all my income from HSBC to Monzo and I still have advance account with them. So they have to downgrade my account or close?
And I’m not happy with new overdraft rate…

BBC News - HSBC customers hit by two IT glitches within hours