This weeks banking outage - HSBC and TSB

TSB is also down but can’t find a non rag source reporting it!

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That preview pic made me very nervous for a minute there :cold_sweat:

Edit: phew, it’s changed

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Has TSB ever been fully running since the botched switchover?


Having not really experienced down time with the legacy banks (because I don’t really use them), is there a danger that Monzo’s own honesty around it’s technical issues could be used to beat them over the head?

If you follow the Monzo status updates, there are usually 3 or 4 issues per week (which get resolved quickly), that would otherwise go unannounced.

Do you think the legacy banks have this problem, but simply don’t advertise it?


Would the “common man”, assume Monzo were worse in these situations because of the way they report it, and plump for a legacy bank despite the national issues they may have?


Absolutely, and it has been on this very forum… pointing out that all banks will have similar issues they don’t share until it becomes national news doesn’t help.

OTOH I’d hate for monzo to start hiding this information just to avoid criticism.


Indeed, that was one of the things that disappointed me about Starling. They’d mostly acknowledge the issue at the time but once it was resolved they’d remove the evidence from their status page. I’d much prefer either not reporting the small issues at all, like the legacy banks do, or reporting and keeping the history :neutral_face:

I’m not sure that’s a problem for the common-person (let’s not exclude half the population, or other genders :wink:) because only the uber-fans or the hard core would be looking at the status page in detail, with fewer having signed up for alerts.

I think Monzo is in a good place, with a notice in-app if there’s something significant going on, but with the history available if anyone wants to see it.

I’d need to test this hypothesis, but I’d guess that most people would go on the impact of down time to them, rather than reports / status pages.


Oops - I forgot you had to be careful with wording these days - I’m sure the better half of the population didn’t take offence.

Then again, a quick dictionary search pulls up this for “common man”

the undistinguished commoner lacking class or rank distinction or special attributes

Not sure how anyone (male or female) wouldn’t take offence to that :joy:

Back to the issue at hand…

I haven’t really seen in too much detail just exactly what the “outage” was at HSBC/TSB - Upon initial inspection, it didn’t really seem that bad - Certainly not national news worthy.

If Monzo had the customer base of a HSBC, with the weekly issues of bank transfer problems, app bugs and other things - Would they be making the front pages all the time?

This goes back to my question about people who use legacy banks - Are there issues throughout the week (like Monzo have), even if the majority of the time it’s very small.

Or are those bank accounts/apps so solid, that anytime there IS an issue, it’s news worthy?

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I think you missed the main point of my earlier post. I think (though I’m willing to be proven wrong) that these don’t affect most people - it’s just because we’re the hard-core that we know about them.

HSBC and TSB have had major, systemic, issues. Monzo has had degraded service and a publicly available status history. I’d bet that most legacy banks suffer service degradation / issues on a daily basis. It’s just because most folk aren’t impacted, or that they’re not publicly reported on, that they’re not noticed.

(And I agree with whoever said earlier that this isn’t a reason for Monzo to be less transparent!)

I didn’t miss your point - I was asking the question of those people who do use the legacy services, if they experienced those little outages.

For example, despite the regular degraded service from Monzo, I’ve never personally experienced it.

I guess we’ll never know, but I’d love to see a “status page” from a HSBC, Lloyds or Barclays - I wonder how often they do experience a minor issue during the week?

To be more explicit, I have experienced glitches and outages with other banks that aren’t reporting issues - much more so than with Monzo.

While I’ve had that experience, we’ll never really know without detailed research. Or waiting a few years to see if Monzo becomes a dominant bank/platform and what sort of press it gets…

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Wouldn’t surprise me if the regulator forced banks to do this at some point in the future. After all, they’ve now forced banks to display customer satisfaction league tables


Couldn’t find HSBC. These banks are not as transparent as Monzo of course and history of outages is not available but do have status pages.

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