How we use Monzo in everyday language 💬 (We want your thoughts)

Hey gang!

Our Press team is working on a bit of research about how “Monzo me” has entered the vocab of so many.

So I obviously said it’d be worthwhile asking the people who helped name us :bulb:

So here’s the questions

How often do you think you use the term?
Why do you say it instead of “pay me”?
How often do you hear others saying it?
Anyone got a funny anecdote about it?


Before my daughter was able to use a Monzo account, only a handful of times. Since then, 2 or 3 times a week.

“Monzo me the money”

I’ve only ever heard colleagues say it, while on a business trip frantically trying to balance expenses…

As above :point_up:

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I’ve not personally used it in a while. I think it’s a dated term now and not as relevant since other similar services have popped up. I think for me it died when you got rid of Apple Pay, and it just never caught back on when Apple Pay returned because by that point I think it was too late and I’d moved onto other things.

In some respect, you became the Hoover or iPad of this P2P payment services niche, but it seems to have dropped off in my world,

Because the website is called Branding was on point.

I don’t hear it much at all anymore. 3 or 4 years ago, most of my friend group would say it all the time in place of send me or pay me. Except that one guy who was trying to get Starling me to catch on.

All I think of when I read it is this…

YARN | "Facebook me" was a common expression after two weeks. | The Social Network (2010) | Video clips by quotes | 29afad38 | 紗

But I don’t think I’ve ever said it. Because I’ve split the bill a few times with people, I get “You pay and then do your fancy bank thing and we can just pay you back easily” Errrmm actually it’s called Monzo Me… oh nevermind.

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Did somebody say ‘Just Eat’? No, they usually say ‘should we get something delivered?’

Also never heard anyone say ‘Monzo me’, and my entire family use Monzo.


If I’m gonna use cool lingo when asking for money I usually pretend to be Stewie the baby asking Brian the Dog.

‘Where’s my money, man?’

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We will say Monzo me in my friendship group when we are covering holidays/splitting bills etc



I don’t , I say transfer me the money.

Haven’t heard anyone say it.

I’m in Scotland though so not sure if that’s why. :joy:

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I don’t use it and very rarely hear it. I don’t think I’m the right demographic or personality type to do so though.

I used to hear it way more when I lived in London. Whether that was more people density or a north / south thing, I’m not sure.



I did to begin with when I first got monzo and it was super exciting.

But then never, always “bank transfer”

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Both my partner and I have Monzo, use it as our main banks, and regularly transfer money to each other.

We too never use the term “Monzo me”. We say ‘transfer’, or ‘can we sort some bill splits’.

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I think nearly all of my friends and I say “Monzo me”/“just Monzo me” when buying rounds/splitting bills/generally paying for stuff for each other.

If I had to examine it, I think we say it as a shorthand explanation that the other person doesn’t need my bank details because they already have my number, and therefore they know it’s going to be easy to pay me back.

Similarly, when with someone who maybe might not have paid me before, I might just say “do you have Monzo”/“I’ve got Monzo”, to let them know the same thing re ease. And I certainly correctly assume that most people around my age and at least a friend of a friend will have Monzo. Always a surprise when someone occasionally doesn’t.

So I probably say it every week at least, sometimes many times a week.



Gee, thanks. Now Katy Perry is stuck in my head again.


Never to be honest. If I was to hear it out loud, I would find it quite cringy. It is always ‘transfer me’. Then it covers ALL banks.


For me it’s just an easy way of saying I’ll transfer them the money without needing to ask them for their bank details because everyone seems to have a Monzo account so it’s not required to faff around with account details.

But over time this has become less said as friends stop using Monzo over more traditional banks and ask for the money to go their Santander/HSBC/Lloyds account instead.

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I have never used “monzo me” tbh I just say send me the money

Myself and my friends say Monzo Me for everything.

I’m the financially irresponsible one who never had enough cash in my actual account (all in pots) to pay for a meal/book tickets in the moment, so one of the group pays for the total bill and Monzo’s us for our shares.

Also way less embarrassing than asking a waitress to split it when we can do it in two seconds outside.

Still waiting on a payment for a Girls Aloud ticket though… reminds me to click ‘Send Payment Reminder’!

Me and my siblings often send Monzo requests for £999999 just to let them know we’re thinking of them too :innocent:

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I don’t.
Never have.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. :joy: