Monzo will come out on top, because it’s already part of our vocabulary!

I was chatting with my girlfriend yesterday when it occurred to me that “Monzo” has become a verb that we use. “I’ll Monzo you the money” is something we say all the time.

I’ve heard others do it as well, but I’ve never heard the same said of Starling, Revolut, or any legacy banks. I never really heard Pingit or PayPal take off in this way either.

Is it just me or does anyone think this is a massive step in Monzo’s push to be number one in the market?


Definitely +1 on this.


While I do agree with you in a way, that’s just because you have Monzo and love it like all of us here. That’s not the case for the majority of the public although encouraging to see. In the end, it’ll matter about how Monzo listens and implements changes, how ethical they stay and what new features they introduce as legacy banks gain features Monzo already has.

That last point will be Monzo’s biggest challenge, I personally feel.


You’d be suprised! I work with casual monzoers who just have it for the ease and arn’t fans like us, but they all say ‘monzo it’ in casual conversation!


It’s like in the US with Venmo.

I was more surprised at the more casual Monzo users, like some of my friends… It’s almost like the word ‘Monzo’ can be used that way, whereas saying ‘I’ll Starling you the money’ just wouldn’t sound right…

I don’t know, just an observation :slight_smile:


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