How I'm using my Monzo card

Hi guys,

Ever since I first heard about Monzo I’ve been quite enthusiastic about the whole thing so I thought I’d share how I’m using my card.

I’ve had one for quite a new months now, I can’t exactly remember when I received it. At first I was (understandably) nervous about loading a chunk of dosh onto but but that quickly went away after a few weeks.

I’ve now got a Standing Order setup which loads about £100 onto it every week.

I live in Manchester and (so far) I haven’t ran into any issues using the card. There was a problem using it at a food outlet but that was my fault, I have gotten so used to paying for everything contactless that when it came to doing the old-fashioned PIN thing at checkout I realised that I didn’t have my Monzo PIN committed to memory, that was embarrassing :slight_smile:

Shut up and tell us how you use your card!

Okay ^_^. Firstly its linked to my PayPal so its my first choice when my PayPal balance is empty, I use PayPal everywhere I can online so this is easily 2 out of 3 transactions. Uber is a big one of these which easily eats £50 a week.

Secondly, I do grocery shopping online from Sainsbury’s. Thats another £30-40 (almost) every week.

Finally, my NOW TV subscription is hooked up to Monzo and so is my iTunes account.

Okay so where don’t you use your Monzo card?

Good question! Only for old-fashioned banking stuff like getting paid, BACS payments; etc.

Honestly, I’m hooked on Monzo now. Its so satisfying to hear the notification sounds when I pay for something and see an instant result of it. Its also helping with budgeting because I feel like its a hassle to use my Debit card now. Waiting for my Standing Order to go through for a top-up is like payday, part 2.



That’s awesome feedback, it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying using Monzo so much :smile:

Following on from this

just in case you weren’t aware, you can now check your Monzo PIN in the app :tada: here’s the guide for the iOS app & here’s the guide for Android.