Poll : Do you use Monzo as a verb?

I was just thinking about how this is now commonplace in my friends and family group. I remember being in the US last year and buying some tech for my cousin in London. I video chatted to him to let him know the price, and he said “Cool, I’ll just Monzo it to you”.

It was already commonplace in my family and friends before that but to have that conversation across continents was pretty awesome and made me think about the future when we can hopefully have that kind of instant P2P payment across people who live in all different countries (well… we already can as long as they are UK residents!)

It got me wondering just now if this is commonplace, so I figured a poll would be a good plan!


Do you, or have you ever used Monzo as a verb?

  • Yes :+1:
  • No :-1:

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Use it a lot with my friends & partner, although I never remember how it actually started :man_shrugging:t3:… it just happened.

My best guess is I picked it up without knowing from this forum months ago.


My wife and I are always Monzo-ing each other.


Yeah. Not regularly, but it does happen.

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Plain old “transfer”

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Google (it). Monzo (it).

The two most frequently used verbs in my vocabulary :joy: I should really buy myself a dictionary… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep. All my friends just say they will Monzo the money to me etc etc. And none of them are hardcore users just casual.


Lucky you.


Weird @simonb. I almost started this exact thread a couple of days ago after I had the same thought.

I think ‘to Monzo’ could become as ubiquitous as ‘to Google’.


Well Google returns over 10,900,000 results for the word “Monzo”
Also, fast approaching 1 million accounts.

Monzo deserves to be a verb

Edit: searching ‘revolut’ returns 2,570,000 in comparison.

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The ‘z’ does wonders for it.

Saying “I’ll Mondo you” doesn’t have the same ring to it at all. That copyright challenge may be one of the best things that ever happened from a branding point of view.

Neither do any of the other Fintechs that I know of.


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