How to say thanks?

I’ve thanked someone for paying me before but today I can’t. Was I supposed to thank them in the first 10 seconds? Before I remove the notification? Why can’t I thank people for every payment I’ve received from another Monzo user?

Did they pay you by or bank transfer?

You could do it the old fashioned way and call or text them :sweat_smile:


Uh…no idea what is. They have the app on their phone and it says “Sent from Monzo” on my homescreen.

But this is cutting edge fintech!! I don’t have time to send texts! I don’t care if the thank-you emojis are far too small to know which one you’ve send/received! FOMO and all that!


What happens when you tap on the transaction, can you send your emoji then?

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I’ve tried tapping in various parts of the transaction (their initial, name, the amount) as well as long pressing. All I get - when I tap - is another page with the transaction details. I’ve tried long pressing and tapping on various places there too.

It’s that other page I’m thinking about

There should be 2 boxes, add receipt and reference. Does it have a third saying “send money to (persons name)”?

If yes then under the persons photo, above the category there a button that says give thanks

If not then it’s a bank transfer and you can’t send a message back

It’s a link where anyone can pay you on either other monzo customers or non monzo customers. Pretty useful I use it a lot

That is the default text Monzo uses when someone sends a standard Faster Payment transaction (to any bank). So I don’t think they’ve sent you a Monzo-to-Monzo transfer, which is required to use the thank you emojis. I think the problem is that your friend (or you, or both) hasn’t enabled “Payments with friends”. This can be done by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Payments with friends.

You can find details of this and a direct link to the settings by going to the Help tab and searching for “Troubleshooting payments with friends”.


Thanks, but that was enabled. I checked with them and it turns out that although historically they’ve sent me thankable money from the app, this particular transaction was sent via direct debit. For some reason I can’t thank them. You’d think I could, because it’s a fellow Monzo user with the app on their phone but no. Not possible.

That’s why then. It doesn’t matter whether you’re both using Monzo – if it’s not sent as a Monzo-to-Monzo transfer, there’s no way to link the sender and receiver to allow the thank you emojis to work.

When you checked this with them about this, did you also send them a thank you emoji? :sweat_smile: