It would be nice to respond to the Send Money creditor

I love the Send Money feature - I now have quite a few friends and family using Mondo and we use this feature to settle up regularly.

What would be cool would be the ability to respond to whoever just sent me the payment, so I can acknowledge receipt of the funds or just send back a thank you. It would be another little step towards making financial transactions much more personal and human. I know I could go out of app and send thanks to that person another way but in-app would be really neat.


Yeah, that’s totally on our radar. We started thinking on just a way of saying “thanks” but probably we’ll have some sort of comments stream (similar to Instagram/Pinterest) so you can have a small conversation around a transaction, particularly useful for bill splitting.

We’re working on it right now, I think you’ll love it :slight_smile:


That sounds awesome, taking into a little conversation would be even better - then you can clarify things too - e.g. “thanks for the £55 - did that include the coffees we ordered right at the end ?” and so on ! :thumbsup:

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Or even Facebook-style reactions? :heart:️:+1: etc.


Perhaps there is scope here (and elsewhere in the App) for some specially created M----- ‘cartoon’ characters that would be specific to different types of transactions?

A great project for any budding graphic designers or art students? May be the road to fame for them (if not a fortune)!

I was just thinking last night we need this feature @DanGraf! I have such a strong urge to say “thank you/acknowledged” after someone pays me back for something.

And we would obviously need FB-style reactions + GIF keyboard support of course :smiley:

Nice one, @DanGraf for being so ahead of the game!