Send confirmation thumbs-up once money received

Once I have received some money from a friend/family member, it would be useful if there were a thumbs-up feature that sent the sender a small notification to say I have received the funds.

Like this?:

I use this all the time. Choose the most obscure and unrelated icon you can find from the list :grin:


This is already a thing. You should get a notification which says something like ‘Tap to say Thanks’. Or are you talking about contacts without Monzo where it would generate an SMS or email to them?

I don’t have that, only Add Receipt?

You only get it on Monzo-to-Monzo transactions. The traditional banking system won’t support this.

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Was it a Monzo to Monzo transaction? Ie you did not use sort code or account numbers?

I always get it when I split bill.

Didn’t think you got one with transfers? :confused:

I figured it out, I need to have the contact saved on my phone in order to send a thanks.

If they’re not saved, then I don’t have the option. Thanks everyone.