How to read your payslip

Just got paid? Our latest guide explains how to read your payslip (and demystifies all the acronyms!)


Very good post. I’m sure it will help a lot of people who don’t understand how payslips work.

With regards to the company benefits, I don’t know how other companies work but at my workplace my company car isn’t listed on my payslip. My tax code is different, which means I have a lower tax free allowance, which is my “company car tax”

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In the article it does state:

So she isn’t saying that it has to be done or is done by all companies :slight_smile:

@bea a good example & hopefully will help lots of people.
I’m always amazed how many work colleagues don’t know what there payslip means.


Good to remember that pension contributions will sometimes show as a negative payment rather than a deduction


This constantly confuses me. :persevere:

I’m quite tempted to screenshot mine just because it bamboozles me.

Thanks for this, highlights some important points.

Tax period isn’t the month number. It’s the number of months from April with April being 01.


You don’t receive a payslip if you work for the police? Anyone have any idea why?

Police officers aren’t technically employees, they’re crown servants – they don’t have employment contracts. That makes them exempt from swathes of employment law, including the requirement to receive a payslip.

In reality, most do get a payslip, even if it isn’t legally required.


Police officers absolutely 100% get a payslip.

Hi, does anyone know if ‘unpaid parental leave’ shows on your P60 as Statutory Shared Parental Pay?

My work payroll have deducted an extra week for unpaid parental leave but then have added the week back in the next months payslip under ‘parental leave’

Now i’m wondering if this is something that will show on P60 under statutory shared parental pay or any other statutory pay.

I’m worried as we can’t have anything statutory showing on P60 for what we are applying for soon.

Thats exactly how its worked out with my company car, so I just pay more tax each month

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I’ve never heard of this before? Which police officers do not receive payslips? AFAIK they do receive payslips.

As already stated, they’re not employees and some things are different to employment legislation.

They are probably electronic payslips that can be accessed and printed off through whatever employee self-service system you use.

The Met Police definitely receive electronic payslips… :nerd_face: Incredibly complicated ones at that.

Is that a fact or speculation on your part?

I don’t think it was a matter of whether it was paper or electronic; it was a matter of whether they received one.

I’d recommend contacting your HR team to understand any impact

Speculation based on experience in a job where a colleague complained they weren’t getting any payslips; they hadn’t realised the system was paperless until I showed them where to find all their payslips on the intranet. It didn’t seem too much a leap to theorise that the same thing could be happening here.


Rather than speculation, let’s go with fact. Police officers do receive payslips.