How to find how much I paid into pensions + student loan payments

Hey! Bit of a weird one but hoping somone can help me, still new to the working world :sweat:

I didn’t keep my payslips from Monzo when I left and I need to fill out my taxes. I need 2 bits of info that I could answer with payslips (but sadly I can’t):

  1. How much did I pay in student loans? The SLC website only shows me this tax year and not the previous one. Does anyone know if they eventually send through a letter or something for this?
  2. How much did I pay into my pension. Sadly I changed how much I paid in at some point, but I am not sure when. I closed my company pension (Aviva) to move into a SIPP. Because it’s closed, they cannot show me any statements :frowning: Does anyone know of any other ways to work this out? :sweat_smile:

Can HR not tell you? They’ll still have a record of all your payments etc.

Hello. @Revels has a good shout, Monzo should be able to tell you this. Typically a companies finance department should have this info.

Failing this did you not get a P60 end of tax year form? That will also have this detail.

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HMRC should have the info

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Thanks! I’ve asked HR to send me my payslips :slight_smile: My thought process was since I no longer worked there, they are under no obligation to help me :thinking: But they could be nice I suppose :smiley:

I have a P45 (as I left) and that does not talk about pensions / student loans :frowning:

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You can view your personal tax account via HMRC. It should show you all your income to date and taxes you paid. Personal tax account: sign in or set up - GOV.UK

Edit (more info): I ironically had this problem but for the reason that I couldn’t access my employers payslips. I got paid but didn’t know how much tax I paid (and wanted to check I’m being paid correctly!) - HMRC tax account shows all this information so I saw exactly how much tax I’ve paid for every payslip I received!


HR sending you your payslips is the best option as the HMRC personal tax account website doesn’t show student loan repayments.

The Student Loans website will show you previous years in the Statements section, but the 2022-23 tax year will disappear into a void until they issue you a statement which may be as late as September/October. If you call them up though, they should be able to tell you the amount you repaid last tax year.

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Each year you get a statement like this:

You can download any of them from the Student Loan Companies online portal. I can actually see letters I was sent back all the way back to 2004. Check the correspondence tab.

The annual statements come randomly each year, but last year it came in May. Who knows when this years will come. I used to just wait as they were always posted out each year, but its now not.