How to get generic help?


I’d like to ask the Monzo team a specific question, but there seems to be no way to get help.

The phone line doesn’t have a corresponding option (I get the automatic “we won’t be able to help, over the phone, please use the chat functionality on the app”), I don’t find an email on any of the oficial pages (there were some mentions in community replies, but I don’t know if the email is still valid) and more improtantly I can’t find the “chat” option on the app (either it’s not there or I can’t find it and you seriously have to design your app better to make an important option more visible…).

So. How can I ask a simple question directly to Monzo?

The question is this, in case I can get an official answer here:
I have a standing order into monzo, and a standing order from Monzo to a pot. How can I make sure these always happen in the correct order if I set them up for the same day? (thinking about weekends, bank holidays, when it’s not impossible that the source bank delays it until the next wroking day)

Thanks in advance for any help, I’d be looking for some official/officially backed answer as I seriously don’t want to get any overdraft for something this (conceptually) straightforward.

You can’t set times, so I don’t think you can set the order.

You’ll either need to put them a day apart or do the transfer to pot manually yourself.

If you search “contact” in the app you’ll be able to speak to someone or email

As above you can’t.

Just like with my salary, I get paid on the last Friday of every month so I schedule all my money moving for the 1st. This way I have a few days leeway for bank holidays and such :slight_smile:

Thanks both, that answers both questions: for the frist I did find it after searching for contact just now, but that’s completely counter intuitive specially since the prompt is “Search or ask a question” contacts deserve their dedicated button, if nothing else for consistency with everything else. Even more “modern” alternatives just send you to a chat where you can ask for a human if it doens’t get your answer in 1-2 tries, there’s no obvious fallback in Monzo’s support.

Yep, if the pay day is variable that would solve it, unfortunately if I have a fixed date I guess I’ll have to acocunt for about 4 days between automatic transfers just to account for the worst case.

Once you get paid, presuming it’s over £100, tap the payment and you can “salary sort” which after you’ve done it once, it will remember.

So for the sake of round numbers

£1000 salary comes in
Click payment.
Click salary sort

For the first month you’ll have to manually do it

£500 bills
£200 car
(Leave the rest)

And then next month, click payment, click sort, click confirm. 10 seconds and done, to save you changing dates.

I think that for events that arrive on the same day, credits are always applied before debits.