Monzo chat taking 6 days to respond

Ive been trying to sort a problem out with an unarranged overdraft eating my cost of living payment and it was passed to a specialist team on tuesday last week. I have heard nothing since then. I emailed yesterday and they said the same thing. Meanwhile ive had no money. Is there not any way i can speak to someone directly or call? Its so frustrating when nobody gets back to you.

Thanks fern

You’ll have been routed to the appropriate department you’ll just need to wait until you get a reply.

Go to Help on the app and type “contacting support” and it’ll give you a range of options to view.

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Have you actually tried calling?

Yea i have and it just goes to an automated message then cuts off

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Thankyou its been nearly a week which is ridiculous to wait that long. Thanks il try that

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Email is the slowest way of contacting Monzo. They seem to prioritise in app chat over all other methods, plus you’re automatically verified as the account owner.

So as others have mentioned I’d contact them this way.

I have emailed and spoken in the chat the last day i heard anything was last tuesday and it was being referred to a specialist team. Ive heard nothing since then. Thanks for the reply

I am in Costa Rica and neither my card or my wife’s is working in the atm, we have been unable to get cash since getting here and been waiting five days for a reply that is with a specialist so ‘please be patient’ monzo won’t let let set up a chat to see if anyone else if having problems, I have a business account with them and don’t have these problems, if it’s not going to work that’s fine but not knowing either way because they can’t tell me is ridiculous

Have you enabled magstripe in your card settings?

Tap card; and then turn on magstripe ATMs, this should then work, if not, choose credit card if you have that option on ATM screen.

Yeah its a problem that the phone support is poor. Monzo needs to sort that out.

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I have turned it in it was the first thing I did so I will use the credit card button but when I accepted the fees it still didn’t work.