How to find out what e-mail address is linked to my account?

I haven’t used Monzo for a while and I don’t know which E-mail address I used to set up my account. Without this I can’t login?

Thanks in advance.

Put in the emails that you think it might be. Then check those accounts for the email.

Or search your email accounts for Monzo emails.

How many email addresses do you have?

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Thanks for the reply. I haven’t used Monzo for a very long time. The 2 e-mails I use currently are not linked to a Monzo account.

Email and ask them what to do. I wouldn’t include any account information in initial contact email though.

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Also try logging into using a desktop/laptop/tablet browser and trying the email(s) you think you used.

Yup - if you do this we should be able help :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m contacted the email and they are in the process or sorting it for me.


Very good to hear they’re on it already! :raised_hands: