Lost log in details

Please help me I have lost my log in detailes

This is your email address,

Search your emails for monzo and see which address is came to previously,

If you’re still stuck email help@monzo.com , there is a bit of a wait though

Hi Dawn & welcome :wave:

You can also try and login to the (basic) web page showing your (basic) account details; web.monzo.com
You’ll need the correct email to start with. Once you’ve entered the right email address, you’ll receive an email from Monzo with a button to click on, which will then give you access to the (basic) account info.

It’s a good way to figure out which of your emails don’t work - you won’t get an email from Monzo - and the one that does - you will get an email from Monzo… good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Best thing to do is to contact Custer server by phone best way to get frow right away or you can email them offer then that if you know you email you could try to losing in the basic web or monzo.