How to email or call Monzo

My brother has just won £1 million on the Premium Bonds & wants to give me 250k of it.
As I can’t find anyway to contact Monzo directly, should I open a bank account with the trusted banks instead I.e NatWest, Barclays?
My brother says never trust a bank that you can’t contact directly.
Anyone else have the same problem?

You can contact Monzo in 3 ways.

Chat in the app. Search “contact” in the help section if you can’t find it
Email -
Call - The number on the back of your card

You can contact Monzo directly. The list above all work, from best to worst probably in that order.


Bear in mind that, whichever bank you go with, you are only guaranteed cover for the first £85K under FSCS protection, so you may want to split that money between multiple banks whilst you decide what to do with it.

A nice problem to have TBH.


The gift will of course be considered a PET for inheritance tax purposes. Make sure brother keeps 100k in reserve - at least for the first year…

Have to say I didn’t realise you could win so much on the premium bonds! :smirk::money_mouth_face:

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You may want to consider that with such a large amount you may find your account inexplicably closed if you go by what is said here on the forum - and without a way to explain or provide evidence as to what the funds were for.

A ‘bigger’ bank may be more used to this kind of thing.

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If we go by what is said on the forum, everyone would be having their accounts closed for saying the word “bitcoin”, Monzo would be stealing our money and not returning it because it’s a sinister megacorp, any cheques sent to Monzo go via the Andes and consequently never arrive, and every hot coral card issued is both not hot coral and also of such low quality it cannot even double as an ice scraper.


I really wasn’t jumping on the Monzo is evil bandwagon - what I said is a very fair reflection of the general attitude towards account closures.

And in complete fairness - cheques to Monzo probably do go via the Andes because they do arrive but it’s significantly later than they should.


Yes, lots of guilty people often shout the loudest.

But I wouldn’t be putting this sort of amount of money into a current account anywhere, Monzo or anybody.

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Pretty sure just contacting monzo in advance like this person is doing and also providing proof will result in no account freezing of closure.


You have a nice brother,

If it’s your main account make sure you have some money elsewhere , in case such a large deposit does flag,

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That’s quite a niche problem! I’d put 50k of it into your own premium bonds account. You might win a million yourself and be able to pay him back!

I Emild the and they got back to me within in 2-days.They apologized for the delay But they’re experiencing a great number of emails at the moment. So expect a slight delay

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I have in the past, used the help/chat in the app, but in this time of COVID-19 & WFH, sometimes it’s sometimes a bit slow to get a response.

The most responsive they’ve ever been, is when I’ve tweeted them @Monzo (honestly, my last interaction with them was on Saturday & was just excellent). Obviously, keep the first tweet free of any important/security details - they’ll direct-message you back, when you can get personal.

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