How to disable all budgeting features and notifications

The request is: please can you find a way to turn all budgeting and notifications related to budgeted and left to spend off entirely. For some of us it’s not needed or doesn’t seem to work.

Just disabling the visible item doesn’t mean any budget you may have set up is removed. You will need to go into the budget (use the pie chart icon) and completely remove your settings. Probably a set value per category?

(this is just to help you stop getting messages whilst you wait for this to be addressed)

Ah, I found an option which says disable all budgets - so perhaps that will stop all notifications, however now with all budgets disabled, unless I disable the feature in labs, the default in the app is still to show “£0 left for 31 days”… Surely it would be better to have this as an option which is enabled through choice rather than showing by default?

There’s also an option to hide left to spend in labs (at least on iOS) which will give you this :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this to the Help section and marked the post with the solution :white_check_mark: