Flexed a cancelled Amazon purchase

Issue: Flexed the purchase then cancelled it after changing my mind. Amazon reported the money wasn’t taken. Still have the payment to pay after two weeks on my flex tap with the money missing from available. No extra money in my bank account.

Details to reproduce: ongoing
OS: ios
Device: iPhone 11 Pro
App Version: xx

Screenshots: personal data.

What’s the best way to get this sorted? I have disputed the transaction but I don’t think this will be sorted as it’s not a merchant issue seems like a bug with Monzo. (455£)

The hold will drop off in 28 days.

It’s not a bug, Amazon need to cancel it or wait it out.


Did you pay by Flex card?

If so, the hold will drop off if there’s still a charge showing once Amazon refund it, usually up to 10 days.

If you paid by debit card and then chose to Flex, the refund should be in your current account, which you just use to pay off your Flex transaction.

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Hi, the transaction is still in both my current account and flex. The money has been added back in from flex but in flex I am -455 with a payment plan. So two minus in my account

and one plus.

This has been around 2 weeks

You should’ve had another entry to your current account with a refund from Amazon which you pay back into flex.

At the bottom of the Amazon transaction with your debit card does it still show pending?

Ignore what flex is saying because you’ve borrowed the money from flex to pay Amazon, that still needs to be paid back as it’s a separate loan.

Focus on current account entries:

If it still says pending at bottom of transaction, you’ll need to wait until latest 27th November.

If it doesn’t say pending you can raise a dispute in the monzo app, tap transaction, then tap “something wrong, get help” and explain you cancelled the service.

If/when you’re refunded to your current account, you use that refund to pay off flex so you’re not paid twice for the Amazon transaction (one refund and one from flex).


Hi Carlo,

Thanks. I now see this is pending the payment.

Thanks for your help. Sorry about it. No bug.