Monzo Flex statements not showing name of vendor

This is part of a wider issue I have with Flex, so for background, I paid at a restaurant with my flex card via Apple Pay and the transaction voided so they took payment again. I got 2 payments recorded in my flex account. When I click on each transaction, neither are pending.

So I went to check my flex statement which is pretty useless as it doesn’t have the name of the vendor for any transactions - they all just say “you flexed a purchase”. Pretty difficult to keep track of.

Besides, both transactions are on my March statement which I suppose isn’t yet finalised. Trying to ask Monzo if this is still pending or not but their support function is simply not working at the moment and they haven’t responded to my original request in a week.

I like Flex on a basic level and am trying to use it in place of my normal credit card but some of this functionality is making it difficult. If this was my Amex I’d have had it sorted in 10 minutes.

If you look at the csv instead of pdf, there are more details.

But if you have two transactions and neither are pending, they have charged you twice.

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I’m not even 100% sure if they are NOT pending. Because on flex it doesn’t show whether they are pending or not. Or at least I can’t see if it is in the usual way.

It does, if it’s not there it’s not pending.

Apologies you are right, I just did a test myself too. That is so strange. I have the two receipts from the restaurant, and one clearly says “VOID”. I’m taking it up with the restaurant, but imagine they’ll kick me back to monzo. I do wish monzo were more responsive (like they used to be!). Has any company ever not had “higher than usual demand for support”

It can take 30 days for the money to be released if it shows pending?

If the one that says void has an auth code somewhere on the receipt, monzo might release the money for you early.

Can we bring up again… the Flex statement is shockingly poor.

No merchant names. No mention of when payments are made, to which record they are being paid too. :scream:


Yes it’s awful. I’ve also raised this on another thread.

Now we have default plan selection this is the last thing putting me off using Flex more.

At that point they might as well just not bother, and the statement should say something like:

“You spent some money, mate.”

Feels about as useful as it currently is.