How long I have to wait for pin recovery?

Basically, I entered wrong PIN number 3 times but after checking my notes, I remember my pin number. unfortunately, my PIN number is blocked due to many wrong pin number. I’ve done photo ID ( it was embarrassing) and video verification and also, i’ve messaged customer service but they haven’t replied yet. So how long I have to wait for pin recovery? Plz it’s urgent!!!

Can you not go to an ATM and unblock it since you remember it now?

Not sure if that works with Monzo but might be worth a try

How long did they say the wait was?

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Apple Pay and google pay should still work if I remember correctly.

It does. PIN services is the option to select when you pop your card in the ATM. The rest is straight forward.

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Depend if you blocked it in the ATM. My son did that with another bank recently and we had to unblock in by calling them up.