Forgot PIN

How to receive PIN so thathat I can use atm

Please contact in app support and they’ll be able to reset it.

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Hown do you mean by “contact in app support” ? Can you please share the support email ?

If you’re using the Android app, support can be found at the bottom of the slideout menu on the left. On iOS, tap “Help” in the lower right and then “Chat with customer support”. is also an option if you are locked out of the app for any reason.


Thanks for picking this up @RichardR and @anon95680666.

Hope they’ve answered your questions and you can be back up and running soon.
Please just remember that this isn’t the place for personal support. Please use the options listed above

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Also, once you have your pin you can change it at most UK ATMs to a number you may find easier to remember.

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most UK bank ATMs i.e. Barclays, Lloyds etc - - don’t think the Link machine ATMs let you change the PIN ?

Most LINK ATMs don’t appear to work with Monzo at all. Only ATMs connected to MasterCard (all the major branded ones are).

I just tend to use CashZone ATMs which have a Link logo and they work OK

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Is this specifically related it to being a prepaid card, or because it is a MasterCard? When Monzo is a full bank and we get regular debit cards (presumably still a MasterCard), will this still be an issue? (I know you specifically may not know the answer)

The limitation today is a direct result of the prepaid program. As for the future, I suppose we’ll have to see as Monzo make partnerships with companies like VocaLink.

Interesting to note that VocaLink is in the process of being sold to MasterCard.

and VocaLink also run the Faster Payments Scheme