How long does it take for Monzo to respond in chat!

Hi everyone,

I know that there have been loads of threads regarding monzo chat, and a few frustrations along the way too.

This morning I had a problem with my card not working online and being declined, so raised via chat and was expecting a bit of a wait…

Within 3 minutes I had a reply and after verification my CVV was unlocked in less than 5 minutes :sunglasses:.

I thought that was pretty good going and thought I’d share in the forum as often we tend to see the cases wher perhaps it’s taken a bit longer.

All in all a really good service on this occasion - plus it was my fault the CVV was locked for inputting it incorrectly a load of times!


I do think how quickly you get a response depends on the type and urgency of the issue. Which is how it should be – I have no problem waiting a few hours or overnight for a response to a non-time sensitive issue (saying that, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get a useful response within 3-4 hours at most). It’s like sending an email or using secure online messaging at e.g. Nationwide where you typically wait 1-2 business days.

But for urgent issues like this, you do want a more chat-like interaction with quick resolution. Glad to see the system working, thanks for posting your experience.


Saw this topic title

Feared the worst

Pleased to see

Everybody’s experience varies, but pleased to see it worked fine for you

They’ve always been okay enough when I’ve had to contact them, but when I do it is mainly because merchants messed up

We see you lovely COps :heart:


I was pleasantly surprised and reassured, when it comes to some queries a response in a day or so
Is more than reasonable however with something like your card not working- knowing you will get a response nice and quick was great. This is actually only the second time I’ve needed to contact someone for some help and both times have been spot on. :blush:




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