How long does business account verification take?

How long does business account verification take?
Monzo used to be excellent at giving you info or answering questions… these days, they are shocking.

It’s been noted in this thread regards the timeframe

However, your best bet would be speaking to a Monzo agent through the app. If you go to the app and go Help > Search “Contact us” > Select “Contacting Support” and then select the link “chat with us in app” and you will be able to speak to someone at Monzo direct.

Hope you get it sorted soon! :blush:

I’ve been waiting since last Friday afternoon.

Really taking their time :frowning:

Its now been over 10 days, and I had contacted support a week ago. the auto service refered it to someone to assist… then 2 days later they contacted me to say they were working on it.
Still waiting on verification

I’d have gone to a different bank by now.


It really is a shame. I signed up on Friday November 27th, and I was finally given information that my account had gone live on Saturday 5th of December. 8 Days later.

Thankfully I’ve been able to start running my business out the new account as we get an account number, but I’m still waiting on my bank card (12 days now :frowning: ), which means I can’t sign up for services that require card payments, and also stops you adding other business partners to the account.

Such a contrast to the Monzo current account experience I had where I opened my account, and I had it live within minutes, and the card in under 24 hours.

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I have been waiting 5 days now for my verification process. Spoken to two monzo agents both have said the same “ working on it”
Maybe it’s the Xmas period so that’s fair enough. Would be great to have some more information though.
Do monzo support start up ltd companies? Mines for my wife, starting childminding very soon.

Was bad enough getting all the training, dbs checks and first aid sorted… now this stress :man_facepalming:t2:

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They have they’re own criteria that they’ll be looking at so no one can say with certainty they’ll say yes. That final decision is down to Monzo.

If they come back with a no then there’s Starling you can try and I’m sure others will have recommendations for you.

How long did everyone wait for an answer and was account opened? I am a sole trader, I was instantly given personal account and overdraft. Business account still being verified 6 days later. Chat has not been helpful with expected time frames.

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From here -

Thank you for that information. I won’t be waiting 23 days, that’s for sure. I need to organise so much for reopening that will not be practical!