Business verification taking a while


I’ve submitted an application for a business account but the verification is taking it’s time. It’s been longer then 3 days now. Should i call customer service or wait?

On a separate note, where is the chat function in the monzo app? I’ve turning every corner of the app but can’t find it…

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I would pop up to :monzo: on the in app chat.

The chat function in the app can be found under:
“Help tab” (bottom right corner on IOS)
Search for “contact us”
It will give you the different options.

This is all i see in the help section. Where is the chat?

Search ‘contact us’

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If you type “contact us” into the search or ask us a question box.

Found it, thank you.
Now waiting for a status reply with my business account verification.


No problem , hope you get it all sorted @Jagz

From what I know of how business verification works here, it is expected that it may be either instant or take a working day or two.

Business verification is very different to person verification, particularly because the entity of a business can’t exactly take a photo of ID and record a video. It often involves a bit of research and some sources may only be available on business days. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do hope this all happens quickly though!


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