How do you get a reply in Chat?

Hi folks,

I have an issue with activating my replacement card, so tried using Chat.

In 7 hours, I’ve had one pass onto someone else and one response and then nothing.

Is calling any quicker or is it just as bad ?

Missing the old Monzo team.

P.S. Maybe you should rename it Slow Conversation or Silent Treatment


Chat can be pretty bad if you need to be passed to a specialist as they can take a day or so to respond. Sadly most queries need a specialist to investigate with Monzo.

I think calling must be similar – they just pass you on to 2nd line support (although I have no experience of calls so just speculating) But you could also just be hanged up on if nobody picks up within 20 mins and that’s 20 minutes of your day wasted (again, from what others said here)

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Thanks for that.

Customer support used to be fantastic here.

Shame to see it so bad now.

Oh well.

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There seem to have been a few various issues reported with replacement cards of late.

Have you tried force quitting the app, or deleting and reinstalling? They sometimes work for odd problems.

I opened a chat earlier today, as I had a question about changing my name, and was answered within 2 hours. Nothing urgent from me, but got an answer without an issue.

As you’re seeing from above, it can vary depending on what the issue is.

If you can’t reactivate your card perhaps there is a more serious underlying issue and that is why it is taking longer. Or they could just be really busy, who knows :man_shrugging:

I guess the point is that we can’t accurately compare response times because most of the time queries are unique.

I 100% these 2 things are it.

  1. The cop told me that they were experiencing large delays (not surprised).
  2. My question could be answered by anyone in the COPs team (imo), so didn’t need any further information or investigation by anyone. However, as you say, a card issue might need to go to someone to take a look specifically at that account and find out if it’s an account or physical card issue or whatever. :slight_smile: The extra time here will be probably to stop Monzo just blindly sending new cards to these people + saving on cost.

Thanks for all the replies.

Everything is sorted now.