How do you earn a golden ticket

(Jas ) #1

I’ve been with lovely monzo for a while and was wondering how do you earn a golden ticket. I’ve never received one to hand out.

(Andy Little) #2

I think they were given out at random. If you have some friends you want to invite I could post mine her for you?

(Marta) #3

Hi @Jas, you should get some soon, but I don’t know if there’s ‘minimal’ time on Monzo to start receiving them. If you’re in real need (friends dying to try out Monzo since it’s so awesome), you can probably ask via in-app chat too. :slight_smile:


Or keep an eye on this thread…


Good question golden ticket just appeared on my Monzo and I started sharing.

(Johnny Ellwood) #6

I don’t think there is a specific time period. My wife got hers in her feed in a month of joining.

Also when they were first introduced i found mine in when randomly scrolling through my previous transactions so if you have had Monzo for a while, do a quick search to see if one pops up.

Failing this you can always ask the in-app chat team as I have seen posts that they have pushed a new ticket to your feed before.

As previously stated as well you can always hand out the investors unlimited golden ticket which can be found at

Hope that helps.

(Alan) #7

I’ve got one to use but I’m struggling with who deserves it. My other half has already signed up and I only want to use the Golden Ticket if I know the recipient will sign up

(Marta) #8

If you have been issued golden ticket in the app, as soon as someone uses first one (provides email address, not sign up completely with top up and getting card), you’ll get another one. And then another one. And then it looks like this in your feed:

(Jas ) #9

Thanks for all the awesome feedback. I was just curious as to how members earn them. I’ve had a few friends join recently and they all have golden tickets. As your fine folks have mentioned it must be random.

I’m in no rush. I’m sure I can wait. As long a people are joining that’s the main thing :rofl:

(Jas ) #10

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out

(Jas ) #11

Cheers for the note mate

(MikeF) closed #12

The Golden Ticket scheme for the prepaid card is now closed.

(Richard Cook) #13

Still after a golden ticket, or just got one to share? :heart:

Come and post in our new dedicated thread :ticket: