Golden Tickets Are Back! 🎫


Waiting for the angry “iOS only” post :wink:


Spotted mine in-app today.

The thread where new customers could get spare tickets has been closed. Will you open another thread?

Spotted mine today, although it says I’ll get a new one when the previous one I sent (months ago) gets accepted and the user signs up.

I’m assuming they’re not going to, is it possible to reset this?

Thanks :yum:

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Mine says after I have used the account a few weeks. So since August doesn’t count :man_shrugging:t2::laughing:


Golden ticket up for grabs: :tada: :blush:


Another one! :tada:


and not an investor , even though you’ve tried a few times :slight_smile:


Grrr why is this another iOS only feature? We still don’t have budgets. Android app hasn’t updated since the 20th Dec on the ‘Beta’ channel!

Something something about app parity getting further and further apart…

How’s that? Although, we got our badges first :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

its not apparently -

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I’m not actually bothered either way about golden tickets.

I’m curious as to what is/has been worked on recently and what’s coming soon for iOS and Android. There was another thread somewhere talking about how it’s all gone a bit quiet and ‘less transparent’, apparently we should be getting an update about everything ‘soon’?


True. Good effort sir, good effort! :wink:

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I just sent mine to a friend and it said that it’s already been used…?

I haven’t sent it to anyone else.

We just posted it. Check it out here.

I’ve already read it! Thanks :smiley:

Looking forward to the year ahead!

Where do they appear? I’ve got nothing on android. Just logged back in to my iPad (haven’t used it for ages) and the ticket is right there, still nothing on android. I have the latest beta app too.

Mine on android came after having a new transaction item.

Same issue for me. Would like to reset it.

Do we only have one Golden Ticket each?