Golden Ticket distribution

(Andy Little) #1

I’ve invited someone using a golden ticket and received another one as soon as they used it. That’s great from my point of view, but I wonder if it might be fairer for the replacement ticket to go to a random user instead of back to me. What do other people think?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

My understanding is that everyone should end up with a golden ticket anyway eventually, Monzo’s not limiting them to a smaller group of users :ticket: :ticket: :ticket:

(Andy Little) #3

So it’ll end up as more of a “you can jump the queue if you know someone who has an account already”.

In that case I can see why they have set it up the way it is now.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Pretty much - I’ve always seen the tickets as a way to enable users to get people they know excited about Monzo & then offer the clincher “the waiting list is x long but if you use this golden ticket, you’ll skip it” :heart:


Oh, that’s something I didn’t know. I thought everyone would only get a single ticket, that’s brilliant! :fire:

Quick question, how long is it until the tickets have been given out, I’m yet to receive one. :frowning:

(Marta) #6

Android? :slight_smile: If you joined before Jan/Feb, there’s high chance you have one waiting in the feed - you just don’t know. This is caused by:

I had one with Feb date, but other people reported they spotted them as early as Jan. I know it’s a bit tedious, but worth scrolling through! :wink:

Recent android update promised new golden tickets in next ‘few weeks’.


Oh crap, I didn’t even realise. I have one in my feed way back in January. Thanks! :tada:

(Andy Little) #8

I’m on android. I think mine was buried down in January sometime.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #9

Ah sweet! Mine’s hiding in Jan too! :smiley:
Now I’ve just gotta figure out who I should give it to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Andy Little) #10

I’ve given out 3. They gave me a new one each time.


My ticket doesn’t work :frowning: says it’s already been used

(Alex Sherwood) #12

If you used it before the 7th December last year then it won’t have automatically refreshed. AFAIK all tickets that have been distributed since then should automatically refresh when they’re used. There was a delay of about a day before one of mine were refreshed recently though.

You can ask the support team to add one to your feed & hopefully that will be refreshed after it’s used.

If you do, please do let us know how you get on :raised_hands:


It was a February ticket. It seems that Facebook Messenger might be affecting / expiring the links when it tries to load the image preview of the URL when sharing the ticket?

Got a new ticket from support and sent it via SMS. Now working fine!


I sent mine through Facebook messenger without a problem, but I did copy it to clipboard instead of sharing it directly. Not sure if that made a difference.

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