Golden Tickets for Current Accounts

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #1

Are back …skip the queue :slight_smile:

Monzo Edit: you can now give/request Golden Tickets in this dedicated thread:

Golden ticket posted here
Not moving in waiting list
(Johnny Ellwood) #2

Really? Where are they on the app?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

on iPhone - in the payments section …ooooo hope I haven’t started a "we don’t have that on android grrrrrrrrr " debate once again :slight_smile:

(Johnny Ellwood) #4

Haha hopefully not but it will be on the Android beta soon enough. I’m happy to wait.

(Jill Hayes) #5

JBirdV1 I’m on android and got a golden ticket to give out!

Golden Tickets Are Back! 🎫

I’m on regular android and just had one pop into my feed after I transferred money over from my main account just now.

https://goo/gl/ua3N8b (well that was fast, taken)

(Johnny Ellwood) #7

Oh… I’m gonna have a bit of a play…

(Ben Jones) #8

Golden Ticket up for grabs: :tada: (gone!)


I don’t have one :frowning:

Why must posts be 20 characters? My post without this padding would’ve been a perfectly suitable contribution.

(Kenny Grant) #10

Here’s another one to keep the chain going [gone]

(Tom ) #11

Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!

(Callum West) #12

Been top of the queue for months just hoping I find that ‘golden ticket’

(Kenny Grant) #13

Just click one of the links above to skip the queue and get an account.


If you have been waiting for more than 10 days it indicates a problem, I would message support,, or message in here:

(Francesco) #15

Hey Calum - Sorry about that. I’ve had a look at your account and you should now be able to go through the upgrade flow.

Anyone else who’s been stuck in the waiting list for too long, with “zero” people ahead of them, please follow @rolanddeschain’s advise and email (or find a Golden Ticket somewhere) :blush:

(Lauren) #16

Mine says it’ll be here after using my account after a few weeks…I’ve had my account since June and current account since December?! :woman_shrugging:t3:

(Tom ) #17

Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo! [Gone]

(Alex Wheatley) #18

Here’s a golden ticket for someone! (gone, that was quick!) (gone)

(Jon Trew) #19

I’ve got a Golden Ticket for someone! [taken]


Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!