Notification sound puts my teeth on edge

(alex) #1

I guess it’s supposed to be some clinking coins? All I know is some horrible metallic crunching sound just came out of my phone and scared me half to death.

Maybe we could have a slightly more soothing noise, like the sound of nails scraping down a blackboard, or somebody’s leg breaking? Or you know, like a ding or something.

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Hi Alex, I’m really sorry you are finding the notification sounds a bit annoying. We’ll keep close attention to this feedback, thanks for that!

For now I recommend you to just disable the sounds on iOS level. You can do that by going to the app Settings > Mondo > Notifications > Sounds.

Please let me know if that works for you. We’ll give you a heads up if we change the sounds in the future so you can give it another opportunity :smile:

(Tom ) #3

I like the noise. Can you make it louder?

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

We normalised the volume to be exactly as loud as the native set of iOS alerts and ringtones. You think is it not loud enough compared with other apps or you just want Mondo alerts to be clearly more noticeable than Messages, WhatsApp, etc.?


(Tom ) #5

Sorry Hugo. I was being silly.

(ellie.quigley) #6

Noise tickled me, but if I wasn’t into it I’d probably just ~turn sounds off~

(James) #7

I entirely agree with this post, the sound is cringeworthy in my opinion. I actually feel a little apprehensive in opening the app when I know that I’ll hear it, and I do try to silence the sound any way I can.

(David McKeitch) #8

Apologies for the shameless plug. But I’m a sound designer if Mondo want something a bit more subtle designed. :wink: for details and contact info should anyone be interested.

(George) #9

It’s a fun sound to have, but ultimately there are no coins involved! Perhaps as the brand develops you can commission some unique sounds like other apps have like the way messenger apps have their own sounds.

(Herp Derp) #10

I think there should perhaps be a choice as I personally think that it sounds like the noises that come from the games my little one plays with on on the iPad lol