How do I raise a chargeback?

Made a purchase online 2 weeks which has not been recevied and the company has not responded to my emails. How do i go about raising a charge back?

You’ll need to speak to support in-app.


You can also go to the transaction and at the bottom click “Something Wrong? Tell us!”, and follow through the steps to speak to support - I think that way they know which transaction you want to do a chargeback on.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

What was the site?

based in Denmark but on Trust Pilot with reasonable reveiws

How did it go? I suspect I’ll have to do this shortly as my goods from a different supplier aren’t being delivered either…

We have got a refund now but not via chargeback. We found the company were on Trust Pilot and left and negative and they were in touch within minutes :slight_smile: