Chargeback with Mondo?



I contacted Mondo through the Android app support about chargeback and sent in the form for a chargeback, but I have not received word back and it has been a week now? Anyone able to help with this? I also sent another message asking for the status of the chargeback 3 days ago but no reply as of yet!


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email - - even though its now monzo I assume that is still the email address


Thanks for the replies guys, I’ve emailed them and will also wait and see what they say in app :slight_smile:


I’ve emailed and sent messages again via the app and was told via email that it would be dealt with yesterday (Tuesday), but I have not heard anything since. What is going on and why is this taking so long?


Its now getting close to the 120 day limit so I am getting quite worried. Can someone please update me on the status of this? It has been about 2 weeks since I first asked for it!

(Saveen) #7

Hey @ZiadAld Let me check with a member of the team right now…

(James Allison) #8

Hey Ziad!

Really sorry we’ve taken a while to deal with this! You should hear back from us tomorrow with a status on your chargeback :blush:

Kind regards,


Thank you James and Saveen, I appreciate the replies, just worried since I didn’t hear anything back for a while! Glad to hear its being sorted out now :slight_smile:

(Saveen) #10

Glad to help :blush:

(Tom ) #11

I put in a chargeback in May. Still no resolution. I think Monzo have their hands tied to Wirecard and Mastercard response times at the moment.