[Android] Summary balance wrong

The day before a Committed Spend is due to go out, it disappears from Committed Spend, and the balance left to spend therefore looks too high.

Samsung Galxy S9+


I’ve had this happen to a committed spending direct debit, it was due out on Saturday, disappeared from the list and the money seems to have left my balance at minus the amount due. Problem is, there’s no sign that the money has been taken yet so I don’t know if my balance is true until Monday.

So you’ve now got MORE money? Or just on the summary tab?

It’s different to your situation in that the summary and my actual balance show no trace of a due committed spend that has now disappeared, its not in the home transactions, summary, even on an exported statement. It’s also disappeared from committed spending. Under scheduled payments, it shows up as last taken a month ago. Essentially, my balances could be correct but the committed spending function has broken and I’m not sure if the payment has been accounted for.

Direct debit won’t have been taken at the weekend. If there’s no feed item it hasn’t been taken.
Committed spending isn’t shown in the budgeting part of the summary, just the committed spending section. As the date has passed it thinks it’s gone but won’t be shown in committed spending until tomorrow or Tuesday

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Thank you, there is no feed item but under the graph at the top, it says I spent £199 on Saturday, when my transactions only add up to £67 that day. The remaining £132 is the sum of the delayed direct debit (£102) and £30 which is a predicted credit card payment, which I toggled off in committed spending a week ago, as I know that payment won’t be going out this month. So I think the ‘balance now’ and ‘spent’ figures are broken on the home screen, as they’re predicting payments that either haven’t yet been taken or have been toggled off in committed spending.

Not something I’ve seen on my account before so I’m not much use to you :grimacing:

As long as your actual account balance is right it will hopefully sort itself out, but it might be worth giving help in app a shout so they can see what’s going on and bug report as that will confuse most people. On iOS the wording is slightly different but if your overall account balance is wrong you should definitely contact them

Thanks again, yes it’s definitely a bit worrying because my available balance is less than the delayed direct debit, but seeing as the ticker has already accounted for it, then hopefully I’m not overdrawn without knowing it. I appreciate your perspective, now to figure out why the committed spending payment has disappeared entirely for that direct debit.

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