✅ Direct Debit not listed in Schedules

I set up a Direct Debit several months ago that has been working as set up ever since. I would like to cancel it now but it does not appear in the “Scheduled” tab.

Did you contact the company who collects the direct debit to tell them that you no longer require their services?

Is it definitely a direct debit? Not a recurring payment like Netflix etc?

Definitely not a recurring payment (or it would be listed as a Payee in “Payments”)

Initially they said I had to cancel it with my bank but then I was able to delete the membership. Thanks

I imagine that will be it then.

If you deleted your membership that will be tied to your direct debit which in turn cancels that. If it isn’t showing in your scheduled payments then there isn’t another payment due. Especially if it isn’t a recurring payment.

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