Committed spending predictions from skipped direct debits

If a direct debit has a variable amount, and it’s setup to be taken on a regular schedule - when it doesn’t get collected in a month it means my current spend for that DD is zero, not the last non-zero amount that was collected many moons ago :slight_smile:

My credit card DD comes out near the end of my summary period, and because DDs are pushed magically into committed spending with no options to skip/remove or adjust/exclude individual predictions it means summary constantly allocates money for me to buy a new laptop each month because that happens to be the last time my card DD triggered 4-5 months ago and it’s not been used since.

It takes around 8-10 days after the normal collect date before summary gives up expecting it to come, by which time my summary period is ready to reset and it starts off all over again in a new period :slightly_frowning_face:

The only way I can think to break the cycle and get summary out of the red permanently is to use my card again for something small and let the DD collect this month to give it a new figure to work from - which isn’t great.

Some DDs will naturally skip a month or two (council tax etc), so probably needs some thought - but an obvious credit card DD is always going to have wildly differing amounts taken and can badly break predictions as it’s often designed for sporadic high-value purchases, but no activity for 4-5 months should be enough to work out it was a one off :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this would work, but if you go into the last DD for your credit card payment, and set the toggle “Repeating Payment” to off - I think it should stop it from being included in the Committed Spend section? Worth a try… :grinning:

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Yeah forgot to say that’s set off - doesn’t seem to have any effect on the DD prediction though :grinning: it does keep toggling back on though so maybe it’s not setting it properly - I’ll recheck all the DD payments and make sure they’re all off just in case one of them is causing to to all reactivate :+1:t3:

It dropped off summary today as its just gone over a week since due, so maybe toggling that might help when summary resets next week :pray:t3:

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