How Do I Get Hold Of Someone?

How on earth do you contact Monzo? All I see on the app are FAQ’s that do not answer my question where do you get support?

Can not add Monzo to a business Paypal account and no help on that anywhere

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Search contact support in the help section and there should be an option to click contact us.

Alternatively you can call the number at the back of your card.

What is the error when trying to add the account? It sounds like a PayPal issue though.

Make sure you have the sort code correct very easy to mess up the order

Hadn’t realised they’ve removed an obvious link to initiate chat support, instead forcing an initial search of help articles.

When did this happen?

Edit - Never mind, have found the thread…


What problem are you getting adding it? We are about to try ourselves so curious, thanks.

@garymchu Did you get anywhere with Paypal out of interest?

Yes after about 4 calls they finally managed to add it for me. Who knows what the issue was.

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Thanks, it has gone through using the website without issue this time for us right now.