Monzo Business account and Paypal business


I am having problems trying to link my Monzo business account with PayPal business.
I have been in contact with Monzo and they said I have no problems on this end.
I have also contacted PayPal Business and one person said it should not be a problem and another has said they do not support Monzo business account.

Can anyone help please?



What are you trying to do?

You have an account number and sort code, that’s all you need.

I have a personal paypal account and the sort code nd account number is all that is needed, but PayPal business account does not seem to recognise or support a Monzo business account.

I have tried adding my Monzo personal account but I get a message saying that this bank is not supported?

9 times out of 10 I’ve always known it to be an issue with PayPal when I’ve had issues linking accounts, I’d just keep trying every few days in all honesty.

I don’t have a business account but I’ve had issues with personal accounts in past and PayPal have always claimed they don’t have any issues but then I find days later oh look it just works now.

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