Help account plz

Hey I need some help… How do u actually contact someone within monzo plz? The number online is someone else?

Google search reveals this, or contact them in app via chat if you’ve got access to it, type contact into help.

What number did you try calling and where did you find it?

As mentioned though, it’s better if you message them in app through chat.

Also I thought the number was on the back of the card? I’m not walking up 2 flights of stairs to confirm that though :joy:

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I don’t have an account, I’m tryng to get one through the app, for some reason I started the process and the name I entered was different from the name on my I’d, I spelt it wrong (STUPID AUTO CORRECT),

I have phoned the one stated and it was some other place… Any help is appreciated thanks

You can email

Quite literally a few posts up I posted a screenshot of what you asked for.